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New Treatments

Alpha Radiation Heals Prostate Cancers

alpha radiationA powerful alpha radiation drug was given to prostate cancer patients and found that they lived longer and has fewer episodes of pain and side effects.

Experts say it’s an important step forward and a very hopeful breakthrough to treat tumors. It damages the genetic code inside cancerous cells which helps the chances of survival of cancer patients.

However, one expert said that the research looks very promising but it should be investigated further due to its damaging effects.

Drug Helps Albino People’s Sight

AlbinoResearchers use a drug which is now licensed for utilizing could be used to treat sight problems in several albino people.

A type of albinism – Oculocutaneous Albinism (OCA1) – have light skin, light irises and white hair caused by defective tyrosinase genes which denote they struggle to produce melanin.

Scientists were investigating a drug – nitisinone (used to treat a blood condition), but is also known to boost hair and eye pigmentation.

An expert said that the study “represents a considerable leap further toward the probable treatment of all forms of Oculocutaneous Albinism (OCA1).


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